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You may not be a fan of internet casinos. It can even be that you do not even understand online roulette. It is the same! There’s more to do and see what we have called casino towns .

We have prepared a list for you of those 5 primary casino cities in the world. We haven’t seen all of them — we would have liked to — we have obtained first-hand information.

Monte Carlo

To talk of Monte-Carlo would be to speak of luxury and pleasure . This small city located in Monaco, on the beaches of the Mediterranean, represents sophistication par excellence.

If you really feel like playing, Monte Carlo is the nearest casino city to you. If you go, don’t forget to leave your flip-flops and shorts in your home, they are not well seen and you’ll probably have difficulties entering their casinos.

Though you have probably heard of the Monte Carlo Casino, don’t feel that they are all from the 19th century.

The Bay is the most recent, and although you’ll likely not locate members of the European nobility or famous millionaires like the one in Monte Carlo, you can input for free and play from 1 euro cent.

The city’s assembly point is your Café de Paris casino, if you would like to view its futuristic fashion, admission is free of charge.

Remember that in addition to the glamor of its stores and the course of its own cafes, the Côte d’Azur also tends to get good weather in summer.

Located in the state of New Jersey,” Las Vegas on the East Coast” brings millions of tourists annually as a result of its geographical position and is one of the main casino cities in america.

Atlantic City does not have the luxury of Monte-Carlo, nor are its shops that glamorous, but it will have an immense and pleasant boardwalk — promenade — next to the beach, which many might like.

The town isn’t going through its best moment due to strong competition, but it is simply about two hours out of New York and it might be a different strategy to escape the Big Apple. If you want to go to Atlantic City, our advice is to perform it in summertime so that you might also go to the beach.

The casinos have a diverse theme. You select exactly what you want the most!

Before you go, do not forget to try the Saltwater taffy, a normal chewy candy from town.


We said Singapore, though we could perfectly have stated Marina Bay Sands.

Situated between Malaysia and Indonesia, this remote casino is the very luxurious and profitable at Asia. The sophistication of its four levels with its geographical place is something that does not leave anybody indifferent.

Located in front of Singapore Bay, the complex also offers theaters, art and science museum, and a shopping centre with the very best luxury brands. Despite its”recent” structure in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands makes more money per year than all the casinos in Las Vegas united, as Asians are the biggest spenders.

El Paiza members have exclusive use of special rooms and a bridge that connects the matches rooms with the hotel.

If you’ve got the opportunity to stop by the Marina Bay Sands, then we recommend that you go to SkyPark, the pool on the roof. The very best thing about it is not its more than 150 meters, but the most impressive views of the Singapore skyline.


Macau is your only city in China where gambling is legal. With more than 40 casinos in operation permanently (24 hours a day every day of the year), it is no wonder they call it” Las Vegas of Asia”.

But not all are the same, the following should be noted:

— The Venetian Macao: Inspired by the atmosphere of Venice, with its canals, legendary buildings, and waterfalls, and it is the biggest on the planet. Inside is the greatest hotel in Asia, even though using this photo you will be sure to get an notion about what we are talking about.

Restaurants, hotels, clothes companies… There’ll be few things that you cannot find here.

— Grand Lisboa: The title doesn’t surprise us because Macao was a Portuguese colony and now Portuguese is just one of its official languages. It is the simplest to find within Macau, since it’s the tallest tower. If you go to Macau you can’t miss it, it’s the biggest light show on the planet and its own restaurant can also be included in the Michelin guide.

Las Vegas

It is said that the best is left for last, and that’s what we do.

With its over 120 gaming venues, this casino city located in the middle of the desert is the city of internet gambling and blackjack level excellence. A world reference that even if you haven’t been, it is possible to find an idea about what it is like thanks to each of the movies in which it appears.

Though we’ve chosen our favorites, it might be worth mentioning that there are several casino towns in the USA including New Orleans or Reno.

Talking about the very important casinos in vegas is complex, since deciding which ones they’re is not an easy thing.

The Bellagio will sound familiar for you as it’s the most famous and complex and contains a water and light show in its own fountains that those who don’t wish to stop to see. Las Vegas also has a Venetian, that has a hotel that has been rated by AAA for five diamonds in the USA.

But Las Vegas isn’t just going to be gaming! The Cosmopolitan is one of the latest, and there are a variety of clubs where you can dance. Additionally, visit Strip -the major street-, Freemont or get married in disguise with Elvis current, before long you’ll understand why they call it the city of sin.

Get on the Stratosphere! You can enjoy extraordinary views and also ride its own attractions.

Don’t overlook: What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.

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